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Buy Italian Swiss Colony Wine

In 1881, Andrea Sbarboro founded an agricultural colony at Asti (named for Asti in Italy), primarily focused on grapes. Sbarboro's intent was to establish a profitable enterprise which would provide work for the many Italians who had migrated to San Francisco (although there were at first some Italian speaking Swiss from Ticino, thus giving the colony its name, it soon became an entirely Italian-American enterprise.) The corporation had originally been organized to allow the workers to eventually buy ownership, but this never developed, and it remained a normal joint-stock company. In 1887, a collapse in grape prices forced the company to construct a winery and begin wine production itself.[1]

buy italian swiss colony wine

Vintage Swiss Colony Tipo advertising sculpture. Paper cache sculpture of pre "Little Old Winemaker "Asti man advertising mascot. This Italian Swiss colony mascot is the earlier version dating to the 1940's/50's of the famous 1960's tv spokesperson Ludwig Stossel. This mascot is an old hat wearing gentleman sitting on a rock having finished one bottle of white and one bottle of red wine. This paper cache advertisement was most likely used as a display piece either in their winery or in bars and restaurants that stocked this successful brand of wine.Established in 1881 by Italian Swiss immigrants, the now recently revived Italian Swiss Colony winery, is an Historical Landmark (#621) in Asti, California in Sonoma County. In late 1953, Louis Petri bought Italian Swiss Colony from National Distillers. In the 1960's, the Italian Swiss Colony tasting room received more than 10,000 visitors per year, with the ad campaign "Little old winemaker, me."In the 1960s, Italian Swiss Colony wine producers chose a sweet little old man (Ludwig Stössel) dressed in an Alpine hat and lederhosen to be their TV spokesperson for their fine line of quality wines. His favorite closing phrase was "That little old winemaker, me!"Bottles marked with Asti wine labelsA great addition to your vintage decor home, vintage bar, wine cellar or the perfect gift for a vintage advertising collector. This California classic brand has just been recently revived and are once again making wine.MEASUREMENTSSculpture measures 16.5" tall by 8.25" base diameter and weighs 1lb 4oz.CONDITIONIn good condition considering age and use with a small split to his middle finger on his left hand- please see all pictures as they form part of the description.

Delores, This post is so interesting. The way Swiss colony got its start is such a wonderful story. The buildings look as if they are in Italy. I loved seeing them. I'm so glad that someone reopened this remarkable place. Now if someone would just do something with that villa. Those garden structures are incredible. What workmanship went into the winery and the villa. Loved the old commercial! The video was very good too. So many reasons I would love to visit Asti-this winery, your guest house, the gorgeous scenerey, and you. laurie

Oh those pictures are just amazing! so much history and so much to learn about the way that wine was made in this Italian-Swiss colony. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Now I need to get myself out there and enjoy the beautiful area and have some great tasting wine!

Here in 1881 Italian Swiss immigrants established an agricultural colony. Choice wines, produced from grape plantings from the Old World, soon brought wide acclaim. By 1905, ten gold medals were awarded these wines at international competitions. 041b061a72


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